Our Services

Exact services will be customized based on specific needs of clients.


Divorce disrupts your living environment. We can help get you re-settled in any number of ways.

• Downsizing
• Maintenance
• Renovations
• Setting up a new home


Money is always an issue. Even when you don’t think it will be. Let us help set you up for the future.

• Banking
• Accounting
• Insurance
• Investments


There are a lot of things in a marriage that need to be unraveled that you might not think about. We know the questions to ask and the ways to get things done.

• Memberships
• Photos and Videos
• Car title and maintenance
• Name change

Digital Footprint

We take for granted our digital footprint from shopping to entertainment.
We can help reinstate your digital assets.
• Password management
• Children’s gaming accounts
• Shared media accounts
• New computer setup and migration of files
• Ecommerce Account Set Up


Your biggest loves can be your biggest worries. We can help with clear systems

and valuable resources.
• Custody calendars
• Expense logging
• Setting up a child friendly home

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