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Let’s be honest, divorce is one of the most difficult, emotional, stressful, and logistically complicated life events couples and families experience. But the divorce process does end. And when the marriage is over, new opportunity awaits.

At Post-Divorce Force, we're your one-stop-shop for life after divorce services. We will help you navigate and carry out all the detailed after divorce life logistics.


At Post Divorce Force, we will help you navigate and carry out many detailed life logistics.
We've got you covered and can help you get through challenging life transition to-dos such as: 

✔   Finding and securing a rental home fast

✔   Establishing new online accounts for entertainment, medical care, school etc.

✔   Researching, recording, and tracking unreimbursed shareable expenses

✔   Opening and managing your new online bank account

✔   Creating online co-parenting calendars 

✔   Decluttering your house and making it your very own nest


We specialize in making it all happen from end-to-end and everything in between. We do our job well, so you can stress less and regain precious time and energy to focus on your careers, health and emotional wellness, children and family.


We strive to help your family gain control, create the path forward, and restart your lives.

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Working together the ADI way.  


Our ADI approach helps identify, plan and carry out your post-divorce logistics. During this three-step process, we will:


  • Assess and identify the priorities, pain points, and resources

  • Design a logistics action plan with timeline and checklists 

  • Implement a plan with a level of support and service reflective of your time and resources 


Think of us as your life logistics transition partner. We will help you establish or re-establish these essential aspects of your personal life:

  • Home

  • Personal finances

  • Digital footprint

  • Child custody management systems


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